Best Tile Saw Reviews (Read Before You Buy)


If you are looking for the best tile saw reviews and related information, then you came to the perfect place. We will be talking about everything related to tile saw in this one mega article. Don’t worry if you haven’t bought any tile saw before.

The whole idea of coming up with an article titled ‘best tile saw’ is only to make sure that no matter whether someone is a beginner or a pro, he can manage to buy a quality tile saw only with the help of this article.

Saws are always made keeping very specific requirements into consideration and there could not be a better example of that than tile saws. The idea is simple. If you have to cut tile, you can’t do it with anything else but tile saws.

Some people ask, is it possible to cut tile with other types of saws? Well, if it is a really tiny part that you are planning to cut then yes, you may try! But the benefits that you get from the best tile saw models can never be compromised to be honest.

Another important thing to know: It is never wise to use other saws to cut tiles because the construction of tile saws is very different. The edge parts of the blades in a tile saw is not that sharp like those other types. The edges in this case are coated with diamonds so that you can grind the tile better.

Some people ask this weird question (but a logical one though) that why is it not possible to simply use a tile saw blade in another type of saw such as a miter or circular saw for example to cut tiles. There are reasons!

You see, the best tile saw models have many special features and one of those is the fact that these saws will use water so that you don’t face problems in the grinding phase. When there is water, the chances of tile cracking will be lower. At the same time, when there is water, the dust problem will get minimized too. If you have seen a tile saw work, you know how much dust each tile generates. It is crazy!

If you do not know how a tile saw works, have a look at this interesting video.

6 Best Tile Saw Reviews

We consider this the main part of this article. You came here to know about the best tile saw models that you can buy and we are going to provide exactly that information in this part of the article. We will simply be reviewing 6 of the best tile saw models that you can buy immediately. These 10 are considered as the best in current market and we can assure you that you will be happy with the performance no matter which one you go for among these 6 best tile saw models.

Dewalt D24000S Heavy Duty 10 Inch Wet Tile Sawdewalt-d24000s-heavy-duty-10-inch-wet-tile-saw-with-stand

Whenever we talk about the best tile saw model, Dewalt will definitely come into consideration. This is a high priced and super quality product and there is no reason that why we will not put it in our best tile saw list.

The Dewalt D24000S has everything that you need in a tile saw. It weights only around 69 pounds which makes it super easy to transport. The 22.5-degree miter feature is also there to help you in angling cutting.

The two separate water nozzles will help you to keep it cool. The plunge features will also add extra benefits to your bag. Overall, this is a brilliant item to go for in any day.

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Skil 3540-02 7 Inch Wet Tile Sawskil-3540-02-7-inch-wet-tile-saw

This product has been the best seller in the industry for a real long time and there is every reason for it to be so. Skil 3540-02 from the brand Skil is one of those few products that is extremely popular among customers for two reasons. First, yes it is budget friendly but more importantly, the features are great enough.

This tile saw has an adjustable rip fence along with miter gauge which will make sure that you are always cutting tiles on a perfect shape. It has a blade cooling water reservoir installed which will make sure that your blade is not getting hot and at the same time, it will also ensure that you are not facing dust issues (though the system is not full proof and you will still face a bit of dust).

All in all, if you are on a limited budget and want to get a quality saw then this is the one that you should go for.

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Skil 3550-02 7 Inch Wet Tile Sawskil-3550-02-7-inch-wet-tile-saw

So, if you are still not satisfied with the previous model of tile saw from Skil that we just talked about then this is an upgraded version for you to go for. The price is a bit high but the features are great too.

The highlighting feature is the hydro lock water containment system which will keep things cool and clean. The aluminum table that it comes with is very durable and rust free which is another advantage. The machine is flexible enough and you will definitely enjoy using this one.

The machine weights only around 25 pounds so if you want to get a light saw for your home, this is the option to go for (Though the previous one was 17 pounds).

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QEP 60089Q 120V Tile Wet Sawqep-60089q

This is another cool tile saw with a 7-inch diamond blade. The company who produces this saw is QEP. The price is very reasonable and the features are also good enough. It has a diamond blade and the direct drive motor keeps things fast.

There is a splash guard with this saw which will ensure that you are not getting affected with dust. The water reservoir is there but it is removable too at the same time which will make the cleaning phase simple.

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2.5 Horsepower 10 inch Industrial Tile Saw2-5-horsepower-10-inch-industrial-tile-saw

As you can get it from the name, this is a super powerful model which will ensure that all of your tile saw needs are getting fulfilled perfectly. This tile saw is developed by a company called Chicago Electric Power Tools and the product has everything that you need in a tile saw.

The steel frame along with the linear bar will ensure that you never face problems while operating the machine. The dual motor is there to speed up the cutting process. The bevel cut is up to 45 degree and the capacity is also huge.

This is a industrial level product so we do not really recommend that you go for this one unless you have big cuttings to complete. This is a bit costly too compared to the other ones out there!

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QEP 22650Q ¾ HP 120 Volt Tile Sawqep-22650q-34-hp-120-volt-tile-saw

This is the last best tile saw (sounds weird) that we are going to talk about in this review phase. This product is also from QEP and the product has every reason to be loved too. The price is within the range which is one reason that why people are going for this tile saw. Other than that, there are some cool enough features to talk about.

The first feature that is exciting is the great motor which can generate up to 3,600 rpm which will make your cutting super fast. This machine can cut all types of tiles and also granite or marble stone which is another cool factor. Apart from these, this tile saw is durable and the table is easy to work with too.

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Things to Look for While Buying the Best Tile Saw


So, what are the things that you should look for while you are searching for the best tile saw? There are a lot of them but we will only be covering the most important ones. Don’t worry! These are more than enough to ensure you the best saw for your home.

You have to understand that there is a huge variation from saw to saw in market. There is difference in almost everything and that makes our life difficult when we are choosing ‘em. Let’s see what are the features that you should not ignore.


So there are two basic methods of how a tile saw works. A tile saw can have a pump which will contain water that the saw will keep on using and reusing. Also, there are some saws which can draw water from sources such as a hose of your garden and use it.

It is easy to understand that the first type is convenient because you might not always have water supplies around you. Also, if you use this type of saws then you will be able to reduce water wastage which is great! The problem is that you have to change the water from time to time as things get messy inside.

On the other hand, if you are using a pump less one then you will find a water hose attachment option which you will have to use to attach the saw to a water source.


The next thing that you should think about is the blade of the saw. There are different types of blades that you can go for. The best type is the wet diamond models which will always be cooling at the same time they are being used. But other than that, you can also go for a dry blade which can be used with a regular handheld type saw.

Obviously, if you use a dry blade then you will have to face the dust situations. We already told you that the blades of tile saw will never be super sharp as the constructions are different. That is nothing to worry about.


The next thing to think about is the blade capacity. This will determine the power of your cutting head to get adjusted so that it can hold different size blades. As you can understand, a good idea is to go for a tile saw which can hold different types of blades. Think about it!

If you have different types of tiles that you will have to cut, make sure that the blade capacity is versatile enough.


This will mostly deal with the torque power of the saw depending on the horsepower of the motor that you are going to buy. This is not a big issue to worry about. For example, if the RPM is 3,600 and if the horsepower is .5 then it would be good enough for most situations.

Overheating Issues

The last thing that you should worry about is whether the saw can keep cool or not while being overused. Obviously, if you have a good water source attached then the chances are high that your saw will not have this overheating problem. This is important to consider though because we have seen many accidents happening due to overheating problems. Also, this is the reason that why most of the tile saw gets damaged.


When we are thinking about the best tile saw models, those are a bit pricy but the price is still under budget in most cases. The basic tile saws cost less but the powerful and commercial ones will cost you a lot of money. We recommend that you always go for a good model and think about the value that you are getting while paying the price.

No matter whether you are paying a small amount or a huge one, you should always make sure that you are getting enough returns in terms of brand value, features and the quality of the product. If that is alright, you do not have to worry about anything else.


Warranty is not the most talked topic when it is a tile saw but you can still expect to get warranty deals from great companies when you are buying your tile saw. Tile saws do not really face a lot of problems and one tile saw will serve you for a long period of time in most cases but even then, getting a warranty is always wise if possible.


This is no brainer in most cases. Obviously, it always feels great to have those giant size tile saw but you get to understand the problems once you have it in home. Always buy a tile saw which will meet your requirements and won’t go over it. It takes a huge space to store a tile saw and therefore, think about that aspect too while you are buying one!

If you are someone who wants to travel with your tile saw often, make sure that you are buying one that will fit in your truck. Otherwise, you might face weird problems later on.

Types of Tile Saws

The next topic that we will talk about is the types of tile saws. There are different types of tile saws out there but the most common ones are either handheld or table based. Let’s know a bit more about both the types.

Handheld Tile Saw

So, if you are looking for a portable option which will support you while you are traveling, moving or working on outdoor schedules then the handheld tile saw models are for you. Oh by the way, you should not think that the handheld tile saw models come in only cordless versions because these are portable. They also come in corded versions too and those are also portable enough.

Most professionals do not use the handheld tile saw models to cut the core parts of the tiles. Most of them use handheld tile saws to simply do the touch up parts. But if you are using it in your home, you can still use the handheld saws to do the whole work. It is up to you.

The handheld tile saw models are light and they use smaller blade types. Therefore, if you are cutting heavy and thick tiles then you might face problems if you are new to this. We have seen people who are doing wonders with the handheld models and then there are other people who find it difficult to work even with the table tiles.

Though the handheld tile saw models seem easy to use, they will also take time as you have to always use the clamps to set the tiles and you also need to manually measure the tiles every time before you are cutting.

Table Tile Saw

The other type of saw that you can go for is the table type. Table tile saws are for professionals and beginners who want to do things the right way. The table tile saws are easy to use and you do not need to change the blades every time depending on different tile types. The blade is attached to the water which will make sure that you do not face dust problems.

The idea is simple. If you want to cut large or heavy tiles and if you want to do it in a proper fashion, table tile saw is the option for you. It will save time and you can complete a large amount of cutting tasks within a short span of time if you are using this type.

Benefits of Owning a Tile Saw

So, what are the benefits of owning a tile saw? Well, the benefits are pretty clear. If you are using a tile saw to cut tiles, you will always ensure that the tiles are properly cut and placed. Tile is such a delicate item that if you overcut even a tiny part of it, the whole tile will get damaged and you will not be able to use it in your home.

Tiles are costly and the best idea is to invest in an equipment which will ensure that your tiles are properly managed. Therefore, we always recommend that you invest in the best tile saw models to ensure that you do not lose money in the long run.

Tile Saw Safety Tips

You have to understand that no matter whether your saw is the best tile saw ever, you will still have to ensure the safety. Safety is something that should never be compromised and there are specific safety tips that you should be careful about while you are using the tile saw.

In this section of the article, we collected the best tile saw safety tips for you which will ensure that you are always safe!

Eye Protection: You have to always make sure that your eyes are safe while you are using tile saw. Wearing an eye protective glass is the wisest option to do. The dust particles and the small pieces of the tiles can be super sharp and can cause serious damage to your eyes. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you do not take any chance.

Work Gloves: When you are using tile saws, make sure that you are wearing work gloves. The edges of the tiles are super sharp and you will not even realize when you are cutting your hands. We strongly recommend that you are using work gloves even when you are only in the work area and not cutting tiles.

Tile Stone: Use tile stones to round over the corners of the tiles that you have cut. Often it is tough to remember which tiles you have cut and therefore, you might damage your hands while handling those.

Wear Mask: Make sure that you are wearing a good mask while you are cutting or playing with the tiles. Even a small dust particle can create serious health issues later on and you should never take that risk. Our recommendation is that you should use a National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH) approved face mask.

Also, we recommend that you use a fresh mask every time you are using the saw. Most people do that mistake and they suffer.

Good Cord: Always keep a few extra cords at your home and also make sure that you are only using the good quality ones. The best tile saw models will deal with huge energy and if you do not use a good extension cord, you might face electric hazards.

Also, if possible then we strongly recommend that you use a circuit interrupter while using your tile saw. It will keep you safe. Remember, water and electricity do not always go hand in hand together.

Blade: Always check the blade and ensure that it is in a good condition before you are using it every time. This will keep not only you but also your machine safe.

Backup: Always keep a first aid kit around you when you are using tile saws. Again, no matter whether it is the best tile saw ever, accidents can always happen and you should have a plan!


“Frequently Asked Question” is a section that we wanted to keep in this article for many reasons. We wanted to make sure that we address those common questions that a lot of people have. We obviously could not collect all the questions that people have regarding tile saw models but we collected the important ones (hopefully). Let’s check these out!

  • Can I use tile saw to cut glass?

Well yes, you can easily cut glasses with tile saw machines. You will never be breaking the glasses if it is a best tile saw.

  • Is it possible to cut rocks with tile saw?

Well, technically you can if it is a marble rock that you are talking about. If you want to cut regular rocks from the sea side, that won’t be possible unfortunately.

  • How to clean tile saws?

You can use water hose to clean the machines. Always make sure that you are unplugging the machine before you are using water to clean the saw. This is very important.

  • How to change the blade?

There are blade tools that you can use to change the blade of the saw. It is not a complex thing to do. Just have a look at the already installed blade and you will know what to do.

  • Do I always get side trays when I am buying a tile saw?

Well, if you are buying from one of the best tile saw brands then the chances are high that you will get around two side trays as extras. Unfortunately, not every brand will guaranty that.

Final Words

Buying a tile saw is a big enough investment. Therefore, you have to make sure that you are investing in something that is good and durable. Tile saw is not something that you will be buying every year. One machine should serve you and your son too if required and you have to think about that while you are buying it.

A tile saw is never the best tile saw unless you are getting the maximum value out of it. Explore and use your saw. If you are not using it every day, make sure that you are test driving it once in a while to keep it going.

If you face any problems in this process, simply give us a buzz and we will try to help as much as we can.



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