About us

Welcome to SawNinja.com, the perfect place to buy your first saw.

What is SawNinja.com – Our Goal?

Sawninja.com is one of the best blogs for professional or beginner carpenters and DIYers. We provide information about different types of saws on our website. We usually write about miter saws, table saws, and circular saws.

In addition, we recommend top products on the market that you can buy and use for your professional work. We always do thorough research to choose the best saw for you so that you can buy products from our recommendations without a doubt.

Our goal is to provide woodworkers and professional carpenters with the right information about all types of saws. Furthermore, we want only to recommend the most effective products so they can find the best saw for them.

Our Team

The team consists of two members. Here are their bios.

Michael Barton – Founder

Michael Barton is one of the members and the founder of SawNinja. He has been a professional carpenter for more than eight years. His work is very passionate, and he enjoys it immensely.

In addition to working on professional projects, he is also interested in woodworking DIYs. That is because he is smart and creative.

Furthermore, he has worked with many saws and is very knowledgeable about them. Therefore, he decided to start this blog with his friend Peter Hanson, a content writer. Thus, Peter writes the content on this site.

Peter Hanson – SEO and Content Writer

Our second team member is Peter Hanson. Peter is an SEO expert and content writer with extensive experience. He writes all of the content for this website in consultation with Michael Barton.

Additionally, he manages all the SEO and marketing stuff. He optimizes the blog for search engines so that you can market the correct information to the right audience. In everything he does, he is loyal and passionate.