Esaret Episode 153 with English Subtitles

Esaret Episode 153 with English Subtitles

Esaret Episode 153 with English Subtitles Esaret (Captivity) 153th Episode launched on Tuesday, July 12th. Watch Esaret 153th episode trailer and right here is the precis on July 12th. “Esaret Is Tell The Story of The duel of revenge and love meets the target market with the new TV collection of Kanal 7″
What will manifest in Esaret, a each day home serial that airs on Kanal 7, episode 150? The war of retribution and love, the Slave series, starring Cenk Torun and Mahassine Merabet, airs on Kanal 7 each weeknight at 19:00.

Hira, who is organized to take delivery of the position given to him whilst being innocent, and Orhun, who is on fireplace with conceit and retaliation on the different side… With Kanal 7’s brand-new sequence “Esaret,” Orhun, the inheritor obvious of the Demirhanl family, and Hira, whom he believes killed his twin brother, will be proven on television.

The awful information shakes Demirhanl Mansion. The head of the family, the effective Orhun Demirhanl’s twin brother, is murdered horribly in Africa whilst on assignment. Orhun decides to specific revenge on his brother’s killers after discovering the unhappy reality whilst touring Africa to choose up his sister. Orhun comes from Africa with a raging furnace and the slave lady Hira by means of his facet as he struggles to stay his lifestyles whilst harboring a burning wish for retribution. From from factor forward, neither the globe nor Orhun Demirhanl will be the same.

Esaret Episode 153 English Subtitles
A sufferer and a proud character are now journeying in the identical course as destiny drags the desolate tract winds to Istanbul. and after “bondage” has started. Every weekday at 19:00 on Kanal 7, the drama Esaret tells the narrative of Orhun, who needs to get revenge on his brother, and Hira, a prisoner of his conscience.

How did the closing episode flip out?

Kanal 7 will be releasing a new each day collection soon! On July 7, Esaret will premiere its one hundred and fiftieth episode. Every weekday at 7:00 PM, a narrative of Orhun, who wishes to genuine revenge on his brother, and Hira, who is held captive via her conscience, used to be broadcast.