If you’re a chainsaw user, then you know that keeping the chain sharp is essential to getting the most out of your tool. A dull chain not only makes it harder to cut through wood, but it can also be dangerous. In this post, we’ll show you how to replace a chainsaw chain quickly and easily. Also

We’ll give you some tips on how to keep your chainsaw chain sharp.

Let’s get started!

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How to Replace a Chainsaw Chain?

In this article, we will show you how to replace a chainsaw chain.

Step-by-step guide

Remove the Old Chainsaw Chain

The first step to re-chain your chainsaw is to remove the old one. To do this, first, disconnect the spark plug from the chainsaw to prevent it from accidentally turning on while you’re working. Then, use the chainsaw’s bar clamp to loosen and remove the old chain.

Release the Chain Tension

Once the old chain is removed, you will need to release the tension on the new chain. To do this, locate the tensioning screw on the side of the chainsaw (it will be near the bar clamp). Use a screwdriver to turn the tensioning screw counterclockwise until the chain is loose.

Loosen the Tensioning Screw

Next, you will need to loosen the tensioning screw so that you can slide the new chain onto the bar. To do this, simply turn the tensioning screw counterclockwise until it is loose enough

Thread the New Chain Onto the Saw

Now, it’s time to thread the new chain onto the saw. Start by feeding the end of the chain with the master link through the bar clamp. Then, continue feeding the chain around the bar until it reaches the tensioning screw.

 Align the Guide Bar

Before you can begin re-tightening the tensioning screw, you need to make sure that the guide bar is properly aligned. To do this, simply hold the guide bar in one hand and the chainsaw body in the other. Then, line up the two sprockets so that they are in alignment.

Replace the Side Plate

Now, it’s time to replace the side plate. To do this, simply line up the side plate with the holes in the body of the chainsaw. Once the side plate is in place, use the screws to secure it in place.

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Tighten the Chain to the Correct Tension

The final step is to tighten the chain to the correct tension. To do this, turn the tensioning screw clockwise until the chain is tight. However, be careful not to over-tighten the screw, as this can damage the chainsaw.

Finish Tightening the Side Plate Nuts

Now, finish tightening the side plate nuts. Once the side plate is secure, your chainsaw is ready to use.


Be sure to follow these precautions when replacing your chainsaw chain:

With these simple steps, you can easily replace the chainsaw chain. Just be sure to follow the precautions listed above to avoid injury.

Reasons for Replacing the Chainsaw Chain

There are a few reasons why you might need to replace the chainsaw chain. The most common reason is that the chain has become dull and needs to be sharpened.

Another reason to replace the chainsaw chain is if it is damaged. If the chain is damaged, it can cause the chainsaw to kick back, which can be dangerous.

Finally, if the chainsaw is not cutting properly, it might be due to a problem with the chain. In this case, you will need to replace the chain.


Be sure to read the owner’s manual for your particular model of a chainsaw before attempting to replace the chain. Additionally, be sure to wear gloves and eye protection to avoid injury. Finally, be sure to unplug the chainsaw.


How loose should the chainsaw chains be?

The chainsaw chains should be loose enough that you can slide them by hand, but tight enough that they don’t fall off when the saw is turned on.

How often should I replace my chainsaw chain?

The frequency with which you need to replace your chainsaw chain will depend on how often you use the saw and what you use it for. If you use the chainsaw regularly for heavy-duty tasks, you will need to replace the chain more often than if you only use it occasionally for light tasks.

What are the signs that my chainsaw chain needs to be replaced?

If the chainsaw chain is dull or damaged, it will need to be replaced. Additionally, if the chain is loose, it will need to be tightened or replaced.

Why does my chainsaw keep throwing the chain?

If your chainsaw keeps throwing the chain, it could be due to several factors, such as a dull or damaged chain, a loose chain, or an improperly tensioned chain. Be sure to check all of these factors before using the saw again.

What are the consequences of not replacing a chainsaw chain?

If you do not replace a chainsaw chain when it is dull or damaged, it can cause the chain to break. This can be extremely dangerous, as the broken chain can fly off of the saw and cause serious injury. Additionally, a loose or improperly tensioned chain can cause the chainsaw to kick back, which can also be dangerous.


Chainsaw chains are an important part of the saw and need to be replaced when they become dull or damaged. By following these simple steps, you can replace your chainsaw chain quickly and easily. Have any questions about this process? Leave them in the comments below and we’ll do our best to answer them.

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