Kısmet Episode 5 with English subtitles

The highly anticipated fifth episode of Kısmet (Kismet) is here, and it comes with a thrilling turn of events! In the previous episode, Taner discovers that Roza was the one who provided Melike with information about herself. Fueled by anger, he kidnaps both Melike and the security guard who aided her. What will happen in the upcoming episode on July 14th?

The popular Fox TV series, featuring renowned actors Cem Gelinolu and Zge Zacar, is set to air on Friday, July 22 at 20:00. Fans are eagerly waiting to witness the action-packed fourth episode.

In the last episode, Nilüfer receives a notification at her shop, revealing her spouse’s heavy debts. Finding herself in a desperate situation, Nilüfer decides to seek help from an old friend. However, the support she receives might not be as straightforward as she initially thought.

Kısmet Episode 5 with English subtitles

The latest Kısmet trailer has been released on our website, further adding to the excitement surrounding the series. The second trailer offers more glimpses into the captivating storyline. Make sure to tune in to Fox TV on Friday, July 22 at 20:00 to catch all the action.

Recapping the previous episode, Doan, along with his mother Sema and boss Namk Bey, attempts to seek Ceylan’s help. However, complications arise as panic attacks hinder their progress. Meanwhile, Nilüfer encounters her former love, Chief Inspector Mert, and seeks his assistance in finding her missing husband.

As the story unfolds, Reis commands Doan to take drastic measures to prevent Melike from returning to Taner. In another twist, Cevdet promises aid to Melda and Peri but ends up having an accident.

Roza supplies Melike with materials for a DNA test, but Taner discovers her involvement and takes drastic action, kidnapping both Melike and the security guard. Melike and Doan find themselves entangled in a significant mafia confrontation as they attempt to steal Roza’s passport from Reis’ office. Additionally, Doan makes a public proposal to Ceylan, adding further suspense to the storyline.

Stay tuned for the fifth episode with English subtitles to unravel the exciting events and dramatic developments in Kısmet. The series promises to keep viewers on the edge of their seats with its captivating plot and talented cast.

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